A Virtual Reality Experience

The Experience

VR Takes You There

Walk the halls of an abandoned hospital - but watch out, you never know what's around the next corner.

Through the power of virtual reality, anything is possible.

Virtual Reality


You've never experienced anything like this

A first in North America

FAQ - Questions

What is this?
Hospital of Horror is a Virtual Reality (VR) experience, similar to a traditional haunted house, but much more immersive.

Who's it for?
Anyone over 14 years old who wants to be scared in ways you didn't know were possible! When you're in VR, anything is possible...

When is it?
Hospital of Horror runs on select days during October 2017. Scroll down to see the dates and buy tickets.

Where is it?
Vancouver: Smarty Pantz - 100-289 Abbott Street
Edmonton: Smarty Pantz - 10524 110 Street NW
Calgary: Smarty Pantz - 1601 14 Street SW
Dartmouth: Waypoint Gamery - 21 MicMac Blvd

Do I need to buy tickets?
Yes, You must buy tickets in advance online. This means no waiting and line and a guaranteed spot for you. We expect this event to sell out, so buy tickets early. 

What's it like?
You and a friend will put on the latest in technology VR headsets (HTC Vive's) and enter the abandoned hospital. Who knows what you'll find, but expect it to scare the pants off you.

I don't do it alone?
No, the Hospital of Horror is a 2 person experience. You'll need the moral support... Tickets must be bought in sets of two.

How much does it cost?
Tickets are $20/person +tax for experiences from October 1st to 17th.
Tickets for October 18th to 31st are $25/person +tax

Can I wear glasses with the VR headsets?
Yes, but we'll be honest, it's better if you're able to wear contact lenses.

How long does it take?
You'll be in the virtual world for about 10 minutes - plenty of time to wish you'd never entered the Hospital. Expect to be at the facility for about 30 minutes in total.

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Hospital of Horror - A Haunted Virtual Reality Experience

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